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十一月 25, 2007

Diigo Diary 11/25/2007

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Ajaxian » URI vs. URL: What’s the difference?  Annotated

    I think simplest explanation works best:

    URI identifies. URL locates.


    URI is a name. URL is a location.

      You got it all wrong. It is not about if a URI is a name is a locator or not. Or if the URI has a file extension or not. (URI never has the concept of file extension, it is that you think it has a file extension. ). It is about if a URI is bound with a network protocol. In other words, if you can get something back from the URI. W3C didn’t realize this earlier. Now, the term URL and URN is deprecated because the distinction is arbitrary.

      Just use URI from now on.

      See the URI spec

        I agree, the article is misleading. A URI merely gives a resource a name and doesn’t say where you’ll find it. The same resource can be found at multiple locations (without regard to filename extension). A URL tells you “if you go here, you’ll find the resource” without regard to its name. However, the URL can also be used as a URI.

        I try to explain the difference using examples with made-up schemes:

        fuel:coal = URI (identifies/names the resource)
        mine:US-PA-NewEagle-MapleCreekMine = URL (specifies an address/location)

        food:Beef-Bowl = URI
        restaurant:HK-Central-Yoshinoya = URL

        blog:Ajaxian = URI = URL

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