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十月 18, 2007

Diigo Diary 10/18/2007

Filed under: Diigo Diary — benxshen @ 8:34 上午 A Web Services Primer

How I Explained REST to My Wife  Annotated

Machines don’t have a universal noun – that’s why they suck. What Is Service-Oriented Architecture  Annotated

    SOAP provides “a message construct that can be exchanged
    over a variety of underlying protocols" according to the SOAP 1.2
    . In other words, SOAP acts like an envelope that carries its
      There are two flavors of SOAP web
      services, SOAP RPC and
      document-centric SOAP web service
      . SOAP RPC web services are not SOA;
      document-centric SOAP web services are SOA.
        A REST web
        is an SOA based on the concept of “resource".

          旅遊研究所: 計劃旅遊四步驟~想、找、挑、比

          Ajaxian » Humanized Messages Library

          250+ Tools and Resources For Coding the Web

            Ajaxian » Mashable posts huge list of web development resources

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