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九月 21, 2007

Diigo Diary 09/21/2007

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Raible Designs | Proposed Tomcat Enhancement: Add flag to escape JSP’s EL by default  Annotated

Hello all,

I’m working for a client that’s using a proprietary Servlet/JSP-based framework that runs on Tomcat. They have their own custom JSP compiler and they’re looking to move to a standard JSP compiler. One of the things their compiler supports is automatic escaping of XML in expressions. For example, ${foo} would be escaped so <body> -> &lt;body&gt;. JSP EL does not do this. It *doesn’t* escape by default and instead requires you to wrap your expressions with <c:out/> if you want escaping.

I’d like to ask what developers think about adding a flag (similar to trimSpaces in conf/web.xml) that allows users to change the escaping behavior from false to true?

I think this is a good option to have as it allows security-conscious organizations to paranoid and escape all content by default.



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