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七月 5, 2007

Diigo Diary 07/04/2007

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Luke – Lucene Index Toolbox  Annotated

  • Luke 是一個 GUI 的 Lucene index 的瀏覽工具,很不錯!
     – post by benxshen

          Luke is a handy development and diagnostic tool, which accesses
          already existing Lucene indexes and allows you to display and modify their
          contents in several ways:

          • browse by document number, or by term
          • view documents / copy to clipboard
          • retrieve a ranked list of most frequent terms
          • execute a search, and browse the results
          • analyze search results
          • selectively delete documents from the index
          • reconstruct the original document fields, edit them and re-insert to the index
          • optimize indexes
          • and much more…

            Nexus – Web-Based File Management | iWonder Designs

            • 免費的 web-based php 檔案管理軟體!try it!
               – post by benxshen

            Abstract thought Lab. – Astyle CSS editor  Annotated

              Screenshot of Astyle CSS editor

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