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三月 11, 2007

Diigo Diary Bookmarks 03/10/2007

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Groovy – Processing XML

    Groovy – GPath

      Groovy – Modules

        Groovy – Closures

          Groovy – Differences from Java  Annotated

            Things to be aware of

            • semicolon is optional. Use them if you like (though you must use them to put several statements on one line).
            • the return keyword is optional.
            • you can use the this keyword inside static methods (which refers to this class).
            • methods and classes are public by default.
            • protected in Groovy is the equivalent of both package-protected and protected in Java. i.e. you can have friends in the same package – or derived classes can also see protected members.
            • inner classes are not supported at the moment. In most cases you can use closures instead.
            • the throws clause in method heads is not checked by the Groovy compiler, because there is no difference between checked and unchecked exceptions.

              Groovy – GSQL

                Groovy – Tutorial 4 – Regular expressions basics  Annotated

                  the simplest expression involving a regular expression uses the ==~ operator. So for example to match Dan Quayle’s spelling of ‘potato’:

                  "potatoe" ==~ /potatoe/

                    Groovy – Beginners Tutorial

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