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十二月 31, 2006

Diigo Diary Bookmarks 12/30/2006

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Comet (programming) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Annotated(1)

    Comet is a programming technique that enables web servers to send data to the client without having any need for the client to request it. It allows creation of event-driven web applications which are hosted in the browser.

      Pucca Accessaries

        fleXcroll: Cross Browser Custom ScrollBar script by Hesido

          DWR version 2 – New and Noteworthy | Getahead  Annotated(2)

            Reverse Ajax

            DWR supports 3 ways to asynchronously transfer messages from the server to the browser: Comet (long-lived HTTP connections), Polling and Piggyback.

              WebContext wctx = WebContextFactory.get();
              String chatPage = wctx.getCurrentPage();
              // Find all the browser on window open on the chat page:
              Collection sessions = wctx.getScriptSessionsByPage(chatPage);
              // Use the Javascript Proxy API to empty the chatlog <ul> element
              // and re-fill it with new messages
              Util utilAll = new Util(sessions);
              utilAll.addOptions("chatlog", messages, "text");
              // That's it.

              DWR takes care of comet and polling, of distinguishing multiple windows in a single browser, and of fixing bugs in IE.

              Other uses for this technology include progress bars, online games, stock tickers and any system where server state changes and we need to push updates to a browser or browsers.

              • DWR2 新支援的主動推送程式語法片段。這麼一來,DWR 也可以像是 GWT 一樣囉!真是太酷了! – post by benxshen

              DWR – WebWork Integration | Getahead  Annotated(3)

              • DWR 與 WebWork 如何整合
                 – post by benxshen
              WebWork support is available in DWR from version 2.0 milestone 3 onwards.

                You must include in the dwr configuration file:

                <create creator="none" javascript="DWRAction">
                  <param name="class" value="org.directwebremoting.webwork.DWRAction"/>
                  <include method="execute"/>
                <convert converter="bean" match="org.directwebremoting.webwork.ActionDefinition">
                  <param name="include" value="namespace,action,method,executeResult" />
                <convert converter="bean" match="org.directwebremoting.webwork.AjaxResult"/>


                  Invoking an action from JS is done using the following:

                  DWRActionUtil.execute(id, params, callback [, displayMessage]);

                    webleaf: WebLEAF, a web development servlet framework.  Annotated(1)

                      WebLEAF is a servlet framework whose main goal is to help in the development
                      of web server side applications written in Java.

                      .- Avoid having to repeat some of the common tasks that have to be performed
                      for each web application.
                      .- Allow these kind of applications to be flexible enough so they can adapt,
                      more or less easily, to changes.

                        Data Generator

                        • 線上的資料產生器,一般常見的資料欄位可以產生,並且支援多種資料格式,包含 SQL 等!!!
                           – post by benxshen

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