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十二月 20, 2006

Diigo Diary Bookmarks 12/19/2006

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Hamachi : VPN

    Invaluable IE Addon Tools

      Hot Wheels (Flash) Games

        Feature Comparisons – Maven, Maven2, Ivy – Confluence

          Jquery小組(中國)–++Jquery group in China-Welcome to jquery group in china

   Eclipse Tagger Plugin  Annotated(1)

            • 將 eclipse IDE 中的資源檔案以 tag 的方式加以分類,這樣一來,可以更方便地管理並存取到這些檔案喔!
               – post by benxshen
            EclipseTagger is an eclipse plugin that allows any resource to have tags applied to it similar to and GMail. Tagged resources may then be grouped, searched or filtered by their tag(s).

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