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十一月 22, 2006

Diigo Diary Bookmarks 11/21/2006

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WebWork Freemarker Support – WebWork – Confluence  Annotated(2)

    for example ${name} will result in stack.findValue("name"), which generaly results in action.getName() being executed.

      Objects in the Context

      The following variables exist in the freemarer views

      • req – the current HttpServletRequest
      • res – the current HttpServletResponse
      • stack – the current OgnlValueStack
      • ognl – the OgnlTool instance
        • This class contains useful methods to execute OGNL expressions against arbitary objects, and a method to generate a select list using the <ww:select> pattern. (i.e. taking the name of the list property, a listKey and listValue)
      • webwork – an instance of FreemarkerWebWorkUtil
      • action – the current WebWork action
      • exceptionoptional the Exception instance, if the view is a JSP exception or Servlet exception view
      • freemarker 在 webwork 架構之下的隱含物件有 req, res, stack, ognl, webwork, action, exception 等。
         – post by benxshen
      <#assign ww=JspTaglibs[“/WEB-INF/webwork.tld"] />
      • freemarker 使用 jsp 的自訂標籤 taglib
         – post by benxshen

      blog中文翻譯 » 當前的網站設計風格  Annotated(1)


        » The Alternative Energy Store

        » Gr0w collective

        » Forecast Advisor



        » Save Longstone Edge




        » Rapid Mortgages


        » Prolotize



        • 佈局簡單
        • 中心定位
        • 3D效果
        • 柔和,自然的背景色
        • 顏色鮮亮(要謹慎使用)
        • 可愛的圖標(也要謹慎使用)
        • 有許多留白
        • 大字體

          High Spins V2 by ~DarkHiusaki on deviantART  Annotated(1)


              • Adobe 提供的線上色盤工具.
                 – post by benxshen

     – Fleck the Web!

              • 可直接在網頁上貼「便利貼 (post-it)」的服務. 蠻酷的喔!
                 – post by benxshen

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